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Cricket - Facts, Do you know this

Cricket, There are few unknown facts about this game and I have listed down here, and I assure this post will get updated frequently as I collect interesting updates.


Cricket has only ever appeared in the Olympic games twice. The first time was in 1896 in Athens; however, there were not enough teams to truly compete so the competition never occurred. Once again, in 1900, cricket made a reappearance in the Paris Olympics but only 2 teams were able to compete: Great Britain and France. The winner, Great Britain, received the gold medal. 

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Geoff Boycott was the first cricketer to face a ball one-day cricket history. Graham McKenzie was the bowler.


It has been stated in the past that Sunil Gavaskar was so ill-tempered that his parents had to take him to a psychiatrist to get checked out. We can believe this one for sure!


Shahid Afridi’s epic 1996 37-ball century, the fastest in one-day history at the time, was actually scored off Waqar Younis’ borrowed bat!


There is a special style of dismissal known as the Mankad and it is named after Indian bowler Vinod Mankad. It involves the running out of the non-striking batsman when he leaves his crease by the bowler before the ball has been delivered. Vinod used this method often, instead of warning the batsman as was custom at the time, so the name stuck.  Recently, Even R Ashwin did the same with L ThiriManna(Srilanka) in the CB series 2012.

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In 1992, Sachin Tendulkar became the first ever batsman to be run out after the third umpire consulted TV replays--Jonty Rhodes was the fielder. The next day, in the same test match, Rhodes was run out in the exact same way by Sachin. Talk about tit for tat!


In a World Cup match in 1975, Gavaskar batted through the 60 overs and scored only 36 runs. I doubt this record is ever going to be broken either! 


West Indian fast bowler Courtney Walsh was nicknamed Duracell for his ability to bowl extremely long spells.


After scoring 277 runs at the SCG in 1993 vs. Australia Brian Lara named his own daughter Sydney!


English shepherds, considered to be the first to discover cricket, used to play in front of a tree stump. Hence the origins of the term "stump." As the game progressed, they moved to sometimes playing in front of a wicket-gate, which led to the term “wicket" being coined. 


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